Bleep® , a thriving international ecosystem in action

From the customer's perspective, freedom of choice is desirable.

Everyone goes bwalked and canalso set your world in motion and show what freedom of mobility does to you. From public transport to scooter, from bicycle to a taxi. Mobility comes in every form for everyone. Bliepen is the new platform where transport companies, local providers of shared mobility and consumers find each other and jointly facilitate mobility.

In a world where MaaS (Mobility as a Service) plays an increasingly important role, both for work and leisure, the bliepen network also wants to give smaller entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in the progress. A MaaS service could ideally support the people in question by offering a carefree journey.

Offering mobility is not only intended for large companies or startups that only offer their own services with large marketing budgets. Smaller mobility providers must also be able to participate in a market that is in full swing.

Are you our perfect match?

You can already participate in the bleep network by registering as a beta tester. This is possible as travelers but also as a provider of mobility. MaaS and the bleep network is not yet in the stage of maturity, much is work in progress and development is in full swing. The bleepen network will be rolled out to the general public in the Netherlands and Belgium this autumn.